Fond-Stamp is specialised in the production of cast iron and steel castings obtained by lost foam polystyrene patterns and ranks among the leading firms in this sector.
The Company was established in 1967 as a cast iron foundry especially aimed at producing castings for the machine tool sector and for the Automotive industry.

Over the years, although maintaining the melting as its core business, the company has extended its technical skills adding before the machine shop, for the machining of castings and then the pattern shop, for the production of polystyrene patterns. Since 2003 Fond-Stamp has included also the activity of iron castings. This production, during the 2012 and 2013, has been significantly enlarged and modernized with major investments. Throughout the years Fond-Stamp has focused its efforts on the market needs, in order to become a Partner able to provide an efficient and wide-range service and above all to guarantee assistance, reliability and quick response time.

For this reason, with more than 45-years experience, Fond-Stamp is now able to supply the following four production fields:
• Construction of polystyrene patterns
• Cast iron castings
• Steel castings
• Machining on castings
All those activities are guaranteed and held by high-level technical and management competence.

Among the most recent developments, it is important to highlight the newborn partnership with Fonderia di Torbole. This evolution can ensure synergies and it strengthens the company’s position on the market by sharing expertise and common goals. Fonderia di Torbole and Fond-Stamp, although with different structures and productions, are two companies whose core-business is moulding. This allows a joint-venture intended for a very successful cooperation.